Glycolic Peels

Urban Beauty is a Cheshire based salon that offers a wide range of cosmetic and spa type procedures to make you look and feel great.

Our team of beauticians are experts when it comes to skincare, one the latest techniques that they are using to improve the people of Cheshire’s skin is glycolic peels.

What are Glycolic Peels?

Glycolic peels are unique resurfacing treatments which combine Glycolic Acid and Pomegranate Enzyme for optimum effect. This leads to softer, smoother & brighter complexions. Although this is visible within the first treatment, a progressive 6 week course is recommended.

The qualified skin care specialists at Urban Beauty can carry out the glycolic peel procedure in the safest fashion to leave your skin looking and feeling great.

This particular procedure is great for those with problem skin such as acne and can have an instant, noticeable impact.

If you yourself suffer from skin problems or know someone that does, this procedure has the potential to make a huge difference to skin condition.

At Urban Beauty we believe that everyone should be able to look and feel their best all the time, regardless of the budget they might have. Because of this, we offer affordable glycolic peels in Cheshire with a procedure or package to fit everyone’s needs.

Book your beauty treatment quick and easy with our app!

Book your beauty treatment quick and easy with our app!